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Below we provide a sample of web sites which we have promoted succesfully on the 1st page in Google, according to the keywords listed.

Title / Position
monte carlo hotels
monte carlo hotel
38,500,000 results 36,400,000 results
hotels maui
hotel maui
25,500,000 results 28,300,000 results
cannes hotel
cannes hotels
67,200,000 results 3,110,000 results
santorini hotels
hotels santorini
hotels in santorini
2,280,000 results 18,100,000 results 37,400,000 results
lucerne hotels
1,080,000 results
santorini hotel
santorini hotels
santorini resort
santorini luxury hotel
18,200,000 results 2,280,000 results 10,200,000 results 1,090,000 results
mykonos hotels
mykonos hotel
hotel mykonos
487,000 results 15,700,000 results 16,000,000 results
athens hotel
athens luxury hotels
athens business hotel
91,000,000 results 2,380,000 results 4,890,000 results
borovets hotel
borovets hotels
997,000 results 1,040,000 results