Quality Web Promotion
18.02.2018 |  ENGLISHChinese

Our Guarantee

The basic guarantee of any web promoting company consists of knowledge and experience which is proven by true results that each company has achieved and not only by theories or just hearsays.

In the global market there are many web designing companies and SEO, which are presented as experts in the field through dramatic texts and theories that aim to confuse and mislead the everyday user who does not have the experience and does not understand complicated concepts and terminologies. In real, none of these companies have seized significant website results under very strong competition and extremely difficult keywords.
What is meant by difficult keywords?
Difficult keywords are characterized by their extreme competition, of which are derived from the results that Google search displays (About 147,000,000 results).
It also may happen in smaller ranking results like in the first 10 - 20 positions which may be held by very strong websites and therefore require a greater effort to overcome the competition.
It should be understood that there is a difference in difficulty between a keyword such as ship cargo which is not targeting any specific country and covers all websites worldwide of all marine companies ,and another keyword such as ship cargo companies in Singapore which clearly refers to a much less competition and is targeted to a specific area.
SEO is not a theory
The results are tangible, visible and not susceptible to theories and analyses. Demonstrating many important results in extremely difficult keywords such as ship cargo, accessories home, logistics Germany, hotel Jamaica etc , automatically prove the reliable guarantee of our company’s capabilities.


Monitoring Progress and Results
With the commissioning of the project a detailed report will be sent to you of all positions of the keywords that you will be targeting. When the process of SEO begins, in the first two months we will have a guaranteed rising of the website ranking. If this does not occur then automatically payment of our monthly fee stops and it will resume once we have the first visible results of improvement.
The warranty applies to the first period of six months.
After this time it will be visible and significant results and improvement and growth process will now be in a state of systematic work and continuous improvement always aimed at first page results.