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18.02.2018 |  ENGLISHChinese

Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.) are considered instruments of promoting a business through the network channels, being a combination of technology, website promotion and dissemination of information through social networking.
Social networking has hugely grown in recent years, with ever increasing numbers, providing the most unique display capabilities of services / products to the targeted user groups and introduces a new tool that can be effectively used by all companies serving the goals of marketing. Noteworthy is the fact that only on Facebook, there are over 900 million active users. Additionally, by combining multiple instruments of social media the possibility is given of creating an integrated projection "umbrella" by exploiting the possibilities and peculiarities of each tool separately.
The presence of a business in the pages of the most important social media offers significant opportunities for enhancing its commercial identity, creating reciprocal relations of interaction with the public. 
The communication between businesses and customers is no longer unidirectional as it was in the past, but evolves into an interactive contact. Through this communication, social media provides businesses the opportunity to experience a deeper level of the buying public, to better understand their needs and desires, to direct appropriate services and products which they may offer.
A properly designed and integrated presentation in the various social media, establishes in the minds of Internet users the corporate identity by strengthening the position of a company against competitors in the industry to which it is addressed to.
Hence companies can recognize the buying patterns and dispositions and take appropriate measures to increase and maintain their clientele, by gaining the confidence and goodwill.
The proper use of social media reinforces the processes and operations optimizing positions in the search engines (SEO) of the website of a company and is included in an integrated marketing strategy of the Internet. Consequently, creating pages in the respective social media is imperative for any business.
Overron in recognizing the importance and dynamics of social media, provide comprehensive visibility services in the social networks.
Taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the Internet, we offer appropriate solutions, satisfying the most demanding customers. We use all the advantages of the social media, as well as the latest tools, applications and platforms and take into account the constraints of social media, allowing us to  achieve the best possible results. We create integrated display campaigns, based on data that are directly or indirectly related to sales growth.
Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome and the systematic exploitation of the potentials offered by social networks for maintaining and expanding our clientele.