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SEO Friendly Web Design

The construction of a site is closely linked to SEO. Most web designers have programming knowledge for the construction of a website but do not have the in depth knowledge of web promotion strategy and on how to promote a website. Therefore the customer will receive a website that meets the aesthetic side but functional, even though the overall design will be far from the target audience which it is addressing, the code will not be written carefully line - line so that it is 100% Google friendly with all the consequences that may be involved which means that this can have numerous other problems due to the non-holistic approach.
Construction of the Web promotion & SEO, should be a homogeneous and solid mixture which as a whole reaches its full potential in business.
 It is very common for companies to build websites that are roughly built which of course are directly discharged by Google and the worst is they don’t take significant improvements having as a result their complete dischargment.
Overron’s technical design is focused on making a web page friendly to search engines, guaranteeing a high ranking in their lists. In other words the whole web page content is accessible and visible to search engines.
The platform provides:
  • The ability to define meta-tags (title, description, keywords) in every page category
  • clean URLs, i.e. SEO friendly URLs. Most dynamic sites create long URLs like http://www.example.com/index.php?id=32&term=56&prodid=145 that mean nothing to Google or Users.
Google drops out long URL pages. 
On the other hand friendly URLs like http://www.example.com/bio_products
also help users understand what the page is about.
So friendly URLs will encourage users to click on your page and increase traffic.
OVERRON designs websites for all and specializes in
  • Hotels
  • Travel Guides
  • E-Shops
  • Information Portals
We use correct keywords, and smart content enabling search engines to find us easily, of course always keeping in mind the customers goals and what action we want our readers to take.  
Why choose OVERRON
  • We design websites that can be found easily
  • Our websites are professional
  • Our websites are humanly friendly
  • Our websites will boost your sales