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18.02.2018 |  ENGLISHChinese

Link Building

Exchanging links with strong (based on the PageRank) websites is widely known to add significant value to your promotion and helps search engines to “comprehend” that your website is recommended by “powerful” sites, thus raising its value and ranking.

However, when there are other websites recommending yours, while your website doesn’t feature a corresponding link to them, then the gained value is exceptionally high, since it looks like you are recommended without recommending.  This is the one-way links procedure.  But the more exceptional results it delivers, the more difficult it becomes to find reliable and solid websites that can provide a link to your website without you returning the link to them. With the strategies and techniques which we use we can attract the necessary links enabling them to increase our clients’ website ranking.
Google checks the websites from which a website receives Links and are now very strict with the new rules that have been set. Websites that accept uncontrollably Links through link farms or automated tools that create blurry links, are at great risk of being detected by Google and becoming Banned.
The process of Links requires experience, good planning and strategy to become a sound and sensible way to have maximum results of the page.