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Hotel SEO

Boost direct reservations through Official Web Site
Hotel bookings are traditionally the first market in the world in annual turnover. Promoting the site of a hotel has many special features than any other form of website (business area).
Examples include:
  • Keywords used in tourist destinations usually meet large competition.
  • The Official website should be able to persuade and enable the customer to make a direct booking through the specific page rather than through the intermediary channel. The official website receives a lot of competition from major sales channels (Booking, Expedia, etc.)
    Υour page should help customers book directly with you. We can send clients directly to your booking funnel. Bypass the middle man.
  • Multilingual websites targeting various countries – the need to find the hotel through searching in local Google and by using keywords of each specific language
  • The psychology of the specific moment plays an important role in leisure travellers; a small detail can enable the user to complete the booking process at that specific moment.
  • The competition is a few meters away and is easily comparable
  • The details of the sales policies can bring significant differences in income
OVERRON has excellent experience in the field of international tourism.
Besides launching hotels we have one of the largest privately-owned networks projecting tourist destinations and hotels worldwide.
So far 56 directories have been implemented in major destinations such as Dubai, Jamaica, Maldives, Santorini, Ibiza, Majorca, Havana, Venice, etc.
The implementation of the project progresses rapidly targeting 280 destinations.
You can see the guides at www.globalhotelsnet.com
The dynamics of this specific project, allows us immediate visibility of your hotel via banners or links.
The 14 years of experience in the market of “travel marketing” makes us differ.
Our customers enjoy significant acknowledgement in the internet with significant and measurable results in both visits and online booking. Our philosophy differs because it is based on special knowledge of the market and its needs and the complete approach and organization of the projection, based on:
    Web design that directs the customer to online reservation, giving him full information about the hotel. The artistic approach and the provision of information plays a great role in increasing the time spent in the site and the customer confidence in our product.
    Effective SEO in general keywords in regards to destinations (eg Dubai Hotel) as well as targeted keywords for particular target groups (beach hotel, luxury hotel, etc.)
    Increase of Likes on Facebook, targeted campaigns, dissemination and display of photos & video in all major channels (you tube, pinterest, flickr, etc.)
    Effective management tools reservation plans and automatic updating of multiple channels (channel management). The online booking system plays an important role in the increase of bookings. For this reason we offer proven tools that provide a large amount of opportunities which meet any requirement.
    Advice on the proper promotion of the hotels on Internet, information on technology related topics in relation to the new possibilities which may arise through these and proposals - new ideas to implement the increase of direct sales, or  recognition of the hotels to the internet user.